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Dr. Sutherland is the creator of Scrum, and was a signer of the Agile Manifesto, which marked the start of the Agile movement. He began his career as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, and went on to join the faculty at the University of Colorado Medical School. Dr. Sutherland has served as VP of Engineering or CTO at eleven software companies, managing the last seven entirely using Scrum, and achieved industry-leading, hyper-productive results. Dr. Sutherland is the Chairman of the Scrum Training Institute, and Senior Advisor to OpenView Venture Partners where he is Agile coach for portfolio companies.


Jeff Sutherland started the first Scrum at Easel Corporation in 1993 and worked with Scrum Co-Creator Ken Schwaber, to formalize the Scrum development process at OOPSLA’95. In the same year, Sutherland provided Kent Beck background information on the creation of Scrum to help him create eXtreme Programming. XP engineering practices then evolved along with SCRUM and the two leading Agile development processes work well together. Scrum and XP are the most widely used Agile processes worldwide and their creators are authors of the Agile Manifesto.

Jeff helps to strengthen Agile software development implementation in venture funded companies by provide coaching, mentoring, and training to development teams. OpenView investments require implementation of Scrum and/or XP with strong product ownership and highly motivated teams that can demonstrate continously improving velocity of software production and quality of end user experience.

Training: Jeff’s public and in-house Scrum Certification courses train hundreds of developers every year from all major countries in the world. His experience with Scrum teams in leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, Palm, Siemens, and others provide practical experience that is useful to new ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Team members, and management.

Mentoring and Coaching: Dr. Sutherland is an expert in distributed/outsourced Scrum and CMMI Level Scrum. His 2006 publication on distributed Scrum documented the highest performance software development project ever recorded for systems over 1,000,000 lines of code completed by SirsiDynix in the U.S. and Exigen Services in Russia. He has worked with Xebia in the Netherlands to help productize the fully distributed Scrum model. Xebia used developers in the Netherlands and India to show that hyperproductive performance on local teams can be replicated when the same team is distributed across continents. They now use the fully distributed model on all projects and find it to be faster, better, cheaper, and cooler.

Jeff’s introduction of Scrum into a CMMI Level 5 company in Denmark has reduced rework from 10% to 6%, increased productivity by 100% for large teams, and allows them to bid on fixed price contracts at half their previous rate. This was achieved while still meeting CMMI Level 5 certification requirements with project estimates within 10% error, and project completion rates within time and budget of over 92%. Work with Carsten Jakobsen at Systematic Software Engineering has been submitted to the Agile 2009 Conference and shows how productivity has quadrupled in the best teams at Systematic. Their goal is to roll out this next level of performance company wide.

Consulting: Dr. Sutherland has been a Scrum consultant to Microsoft, Oracle, Palm, Yahoo, Ariba, Cadence, and Adobe in Silicon Valley. His recent Google Tech Talk helped Google teams evaluate and extend their Scrum implementation on the revenue generating Google AdWords project. He personally supports Scrum implementions at many other companies in the U.S., Europe, Russia, and Latin America (GE, M3 Media Services UK, BellSouth, Siemens, Medco, Philips Medical, Sony/Ericsson, Johns Hopkins APL, Trifork, IBM, Systematic Software Engineering, Accenture, St. Jude Medical, StarSoft Development Labs, GSI Commerce, Guideworks, Wellogic, Healthwise, DigiChart, Baufest, Barclays Global Investors, Ulticom, Constant Contact, Rosettastone, Inova Solutions, Nortel, Crisp, Xebia, Exigen Services, Ultimate Software,, OpenView Venture Partners, FinnTech, Planon and others).

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Upcoming Courses by Jeff Sutherland

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September 18-19 Cologne, Germany CSM Certified ScrumMaster
September 25-26 Boston, MA, United States CSM Certified ScrumMaster
October 30-31 Boston, MA, United States CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 3-4 Zürich, Switzerland CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 6-7 Stockholm, Switzerland CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 10 Paris, France CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 10-11 Amsterdam, Netherlands CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 17-18 Boston, MA, United States CSM Certified ScrumMaster
November 20-21 Boston, MA, United States CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner
December 4-5 Boston, MA, United States CSM Certified ScrumMaster
December 8-9 Munich, Germany CSM Certified ScrumMaster
December 11-12 Copenhagen, Denmark CSM Certified ScrumMaster
December 15-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands CSM Certified ScrumMaster